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"The Certification Course in Online Teaching and Learning offered by the Catholic Distance Learning Network is an excellent opportunity for Holy Apostles College and Seminary students and others who are interested in learning more about the world of online education. The course is divided into four modules that combine readings with practical experience. Two very knowledgeable and experienced instructors provide comments and suggestions. The range of projects and assignments allow participants to see how different technologies enhance the learning process. I would enthusiastically recommend the course to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of what is involved in the preparation and design of online courses.

"El curso que ofrece la Red Católica de Educación a Distancia (Catholic Distance Learning Network) para recibir la certificación en educación a distancia es una excelente oportunidad para los estudiantes de Holy Apostles y otros que tengan interés en aprender más sobre el mundo de la educación a distancia. El curso se divide en cuatro módulos que combinan lecturas y ejercicios prácticos. Dos instructoras, especialistas con mucha experiencia y conocimientos sobre el tema, ofrecen comentarios y sugerencias. La variedad de tareas y ejercicios permite a los participantes ver cómo diferentes tecnologías mejoran el proceso educativo. Recomiendo con entusiasmo este curso a cualquier persona que desee lograr una mejor comprensión de los elementos necesarios para preparar y diseñar cursos a distancia."

Carlos R. Miranda, Ph.D.

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Teaching Standards:
According to ATS Guidelines "Programs of distance education shall demonstrate the collaborative nature and research dimensions of theological scholarship that foster critical thinking skills. According to the degree program requirements, distance education programs shall seek to enhance personal and spiritual formation appropriate to the school’s mission and ecclesiastical tradition and identity, be sensitive to individual learning styles, and recognize diversity within the community of learners. Courses shall provide sufficient interaction between teachers and learners and among learners to ensure a community of learning and to promote global awareness and sensitivity to local settings."