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Addressing Religious Poverty:
Distance Theological Education with Moodle


  1. Click on the first of the four images below.
  2. After engaging the first video, return and click on the second image, then third, and fourth.
  3. If you need a Windows Media Player, download one from Microsoft's website.
  4. To interact with David on this presentation, email him at addressing the questions:
    • If you have not previously thought about using distance education via the Internet to teach theology, has the workshop helped give you any new ideas as to this possibility?
    • If you have been investigating the possibility, or are already familiar with this concept, what are your impressions of Moodle vis-a-vis other options that you have researched?

Addressing Religious Poverty Part 1

This presentation uses the concept of "religious poverty" as introduced by Catechism of the Catholic Church to bring us to a modern solution: utilizing the Internet to teach theology at a distance.

Running time: 4:58

Addressing Religious Poverty Part 2

This presentation introduces a popular Internet-based classroom known as Moodle, which possesses much instructional flexibility in creating effective online theological courses.

Running time: 5:46

Addressing Religious Poverty Part 3

This presentation shows some of the nuts-and-bolts operations of course management and monitoring.

Running time: 4:40

Addressing Religious Poverty Part 4

This presentation addresses the ultimate questions of any software program: how much does it cost and what are the options to begin the process?

Running time: 4:28

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