The Commedia Medal 2014
Digital Dante
Contest Winner
 The Commedia Medal
The Commedia Medal   700th Anniversary Jubilee 
  Dante's Inferno: A Dramatic Reading
by W. Russell Crawford, MA

Canto 1  Canto 2 Canto 3  Canto 4  Canto 5 
Canto 6  Canto 7  Canto 8  Canto 9  Canto 10 
Canto 11  Canto 12  Canto 13  Canto 14  Canto 15 
Canto 16  Canto 17  Canto 18  Canto 19  Canto 20 
Canto 21  Canto 22  Canto 23  Canto 24  Canto 25 
Canto 26  Canto 27  Canto 28  Canto 29  Canto 30 
         Russell Crawford, M.A.
Canto 31   Canto 32  Canto 33  Canto 34  Russ Crawford 
Image Credits: All images are from Gustav Dore except for those on Canto 16, which is from Sandro Botticelli, Canto 20, which is from William Blake, and Canto 27, which is from Bartolomeo di Fruosino.

About Russell Crawford: From the Atlanta area, with background studies in Religion, Worldview, and Philosophy, W. Russell Crawford began a small non-profit organization with the intent of engaging and communicating with those of an eclectic and/or 'freethought' mentality and disposition. However, this pursuit has morphed into a more generalized desire to teach Worldview and Philosophy emanating from a distinctively Christo-centric perspective providing the secular culture with a taste of the rich intellectual tradition of the Christian faith. He loves to spend time with his wife and children.