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 The Commedia Medal
The Commedia Medal   700th Anniversary Jubilee 
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Who can declare the mighty acts of the Lord, or show forth all his praise? (Ps. 106:2) 
The Divine Comedy, the masterpiece of Dante Alighieri, contains images that impressively describe the pilgrim’s arduous ascent from the darkness of sin to the light of glory in the presence of God. These images are vivid expressions of the profound salvific truths which, as Catholic teaching demonstrates, must be
experienced and lived, and not simply learned.

The year 2015 marks the 700th anniversary of the publication of Dante’s Purgatorio (2014 was the 700th anniversary of the Inferno), and to celebrate this septuacentennial, the Catholic Distance Learning Network is hosting a contest for


This contest will be an annual event through the year 2021, which marks the 700th anniversary of the completion of the Paradiso and also of Dante's death.

The winning submissions each year will be, if video, under 4 minutes in length and provide an accurate rendering of Dante’s intent concerning the aspect of his poem that is being pursued, employing the latest digital photographic, animation and sound technology. Submissions other than video will be accepted.

All submissions will be categorized and published on this website as they come in. The annual winner will receive a bronze medal as depicted above* in addition to special featuring on the website and an announcement in Seminary Journal.

Next Submission Deadline: December 15, 2015.

2014 contest winner: W. Russell Crawford, M.A.
Please send submissions to Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP -  Dante Alighieri by Agnolo Bronzino, c. 1530
* Medal designed by Br. Gregory Havill - Site last updated November 5, 2015.