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Learning Styles and Concepts of Learning


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Learning Styles 1

Part 1 of this three-part presentation discusses how knowing learning styles and concepts of learning is important to an educator because how an educator learns will most likely be how the educator teaches. Learners may feel left out or isolated if the learner has a style of learning different from that of the educator.

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Running time: 3:01

Learning Styles 2

Part 2 leads participants through a series of quizzes and surveys to determine their unique learning styles and concepts of learning. 

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Running time: 1:53

Learning Styles 3

Part 3 examines how to incorporate this knowledge into the teaching/learning environment in order to improve student memory, retention, learning, and comprehension.

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Running time: 2:07

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Explore the idea of the relationship between a teacher's learning styles and his or her student's learning styles in developing a transformative teaching and learning environment.