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Love and Responsibility:
The Personalization Principle in Cyberspace


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  4. Leave a comment on the blog addressing the question: How does this presentation affect your understanding of the human person in cyberspace? What assumptions does it make that are different from your own?

Part 1: the Introduction

This presentation introduces the idea of the personalization principle and the special mandate we have from Pope John Paul II to develop an understanding of the morality of cyberspace.

Running time: 4:58

Part 2: the Culture of Use  

This presentation explains Pope John Paul II's definitions of "use" and develops the idea of the culture of use that cyberspace has become.

Running time: 5:46

Part 3: the Nature of Online Pornography  

This presentation explains the nature of online pornography as a participatory activity in both its synchronous and asynchronous forms.

Running time: 4:40

Part 4: the Seminary as Facilitator of Virtue  

This presentation explains the necessity of seminary formators to learn the grammar of the moral act in cyberspace so that they may be able to teach it to their students.

Running time: 4:28

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