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Adopting the Orphaned Distance Learning Student: Course Management, Design Concerns, & Student Isolation


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Part 1


This presentation introduces the history of distance education, along with its strengths and weaknesses. Emphasized is the problem of student isolation -- the topic of this workshop.

Running time: 4:45

Part 2

This presentation provides information on the what, who, and why of course management software. Participants will explore the benefits, various types, differences, concerns, designs, and the future of CMS.

Running time: 2:55

Part 3


This presentation introduces three types of learning communities which need to be created in order to address student isolation. Discussed are two of these communities, the Course-Level and Institutional-Level Communities.

Running time: 6:31

Part 4

This presentation provides students with an overview of copyright and security issues regarding CMS, online environments and features, the mission-level of community, and culminates with a list of references.

Running time: 3:09

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Explore the history of student isolation in online teaching and learning environments and discover ways to eliminate it.